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New beta v3.0.9

V 2.3.5 (java 2.2.27) (changes)

7Z   2.2 Mb

ZIP   3.2 Mb

Older versions...

March 29, 2010
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New beta version
TCBR v3.0.9
Apr 22, 2011
Developed with jEdit

Book Reader is a Java application allowing to read books on ANY modern mobile phone (with Java support)

Book Reader is FREE, as the reading itself is

Your phone is not just a communication device!

Read books, keep references, TV programs, train and bus schedules handy, enjoy fun texts while idle. Cheaters, it might just come in handy on exams and tests:)

Who is who:

TequilaCat is me :) I like tequila and cats, so it's just self-description

TCBR (TequilaCat Book Reader) is the software suite consisting of 2 parts:

Quick start:

For more details, see user manual.


New functions (a lot of them) are described in more details in BookReader Shell Help, also available online.

TCBR is available in following languages

Language Translation author
Spanish Alfredo Fernández Díaz
Ukrainian Vitaly Stopchansky
Polish Wojtek Kowaluk
Czech Stanislav Tomecka
Portugese Andre L.G.Correa
Italian Luca Monti
Latvian Arvis Lacis
German Michael Aringer

Russian, English built in

Many people contributed to improvement of this software.

Thank You all who helped by useful comments, translations, bug reports, fonts, tools and hosting.
All the regards and thanks for the BookReader also belong to You!!! Good carma be with you :)

I DO appreciate your feedback. If you really like it, or really hate it, please drop me a letter. Same applies for bugs/feature requests.
I can't promise I process it immediately, if at all. Real life, you know. But critical bugs will hopefully be fixed.

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  Download link Release date
v2.3.5 (java 2.2.27) 7Z   2.2 Mb

ZIP   3.2 Mb

march 21, 2010 (changes )
v2.3.5 (java 2.2.24) 7Z   2.2 Mb

ZIP   3.2 Mb

march 8, 2010 (changes)
v2.3.4 (java 2.2.20)   3 Mb december 23, 2008 (changes)
v2.2.8   2 Mb january 17, 2006

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